New website release

New website release


Starting from today links2revenue remodels its online resource. The goal is to meet the interests and requirements of the large public around our business in a better way.

For the new graphic design we spared no cost, no effort. Thanks to the professional support of a smart web designer and developer, we are now able to proudly present you this site. In order to improve your site usability we have placed particular value on a responsive web design that can be easily adapted to the different types of mobile devices on the market today.

We decided the complete graphic redesign and structural revision of the contents paying tribute to the increasing of the web functionality. Mainly we like to provide information about our monetization tools and a concrete description of their functions. In addition, it is our aim, to give you an insight of this special field of the marketing, which is Affiliate Marketing. That is why we decided to integrate a glossary, without claiming completeness, and a blog. We would like to keep you and us up-to-date with the latest news in our industry. On some particular arguments we plan to focus on with articles that might highlight a number of important aspects about this dynamic and constantly developing segment.

Our idea is it to create a working tool and a communication framework, enhancing the interaction with publishers and business actors. We would like to invite all those who want to post a feedback in our blog posts, or to submit any comment or proposals. Thank you in advance for that.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website!

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