Converts links to partners into automated affiliate-links

How it works



A normal link to an affiliate partner is posted in your forum or website.


Through our plugin the link is converted on the server into an affiliate-link. It keeps its original aspect but now it is ready to generate money for you.

Pay per Sale

When a user clicks on the affiliate link and then in a certain period of time completes a purchase or another qualified action on a merchant’s website, the affiliate gets a commission.


Check daily statistics on your control panel. Payments are made monthly once your credit exceeds 50 EUR of confirmed commissions.

links2revenue’s features

  • links2revenue is not invasive nor it is annoying. Users don’t even notice it.
  • The tool is easily installed in a couple of minutes. If you still need help our support is only a phone call away from you.
  • Plugin can’t be blocked. Where others are stopped by ad-blockers links2revenue still shows its full potential.
  • Developed specifically for forums: Currently supported boards include: phpBB, vBulletin, IP Board, SMF, WoltLab Burning Board, other boards on request
  • Automatic or manual update of the advertisers connected on publisher’s web. NEW

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