Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Is a performance-based marketing technique whereby products or services are promoted through a publisher’s website. This earns a commission for every of his visitors following a link or ad and taking some kind of action on a merchant partner’s website.


This is a little string of file loaded on a computer’s browser directory when you are navigating a website. In the field of Affiliate Marketing cookies keep track of important data such as identification of the buyer and shopping cart content.


A conversion occurs when a visitor clicks on an advertising and then complete a transaction on a merchant’s website. Related to the website visits conversion rate is one of the key parameters in Affiliate Marketing.


A company operating an e-commerce site who aims to promote his products or services by adding dedicated ads through a network of publishers or online editors. Among others, advertising materials may include banner ads, text links, buttons, email copy and videos.


A Meta-Network works between the Affiliate Network and the Publisher and supports with innovative solutions the full integration of marketing programs and campaigns.

Affiliate Network

A third-party vendor providing an online platform with required ad-server, software and tracking system to administer online marketing programs. On the platform the publishers can select and join hundreds of campaigns presented by the merchants.


Acronym of pay per lead meaning a payment model in which a commission is generated by a qualified action on a Merchant’s website. It could be for example the registration to a website, a newsletter or a request to receive a catalogue.


Acronym of pay per sale. It is one of the most frequent metrics in online marketing where a commission is assigned on the basic of any effective transaction concluded by online shoppers.

Affiliate Program

Each program is stand-alone carried out by a merchant and has got unique attributes and access terms. It includes different advertising formats and promote campaigns lasting from one day to several months or more.


Operator of a site with a great deal of text content who are looking to monetize the webtraffic by displaying ads or other revenue generating items on his pages.

Case Study

OMCON24 is a german leading operator in internet forum management and services related. Each month many millions unique users visit the platform pages carried out by the company.

Consumer electronics and automotive are the main focus of the activities, while recently communities in the area of living & lifestyle were added to the portfolio. Within its business framework OMCON24 operates also as investor for new and pre-existing projects and provides qualified IT-Consulting services.

Objectives of the affiliate campaign

  • Add new revenue streams without lowering the user experience on the web platforms.
  • Implementing non-intrusive monetization models alongside traditional advertising formats.
  • Improvement of the profitability in terms of turnover to website administration costs.

Monetization solution

Integration of the links2revenue tool in 32 vertical forum boards.


In all the 32 boards the Plugins has been successfully installed and no errors were reported during the process. Performances of the webpages are not influenced as well. The 2-minutes installation is the only burden, after which the service generates money in a fully automated and effortless way.

By introducing links2revenue throughout its network OMCON24 was able to reach the planned targets and added an ideal complement to its existing monetization programs.